Debt. Simplified.

We help private equity firms and lenders streamline their debt financing process and portfolio management.

Trusted by more than 750 institutions, including:

PAI partners

Built specifically for the private capital markets


Access relevant lenders and securely collaborate with them


Strengthen underwriting processes. Organize your deal information. Manage your borrower relationships.


Run more efficient processes. Differentiate in the marketplace. Save costs.

$100 billion+

Financing volume managed on the platform


Investment professionals on the platform


Financial institutions on the platform

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“Termgrid has helped us modernize our capital markets operations and has driven efficiencies in deal execution and portfolio management. The product is intuitive, easy to use and provides immediate value by automating some of the manual and repetitive processes. Termgrid is built by a team that deeply understands the pain points of private capital markets.”

Mark Danzey Partner, KKR Capital Markets

End-to-end platform for private capital markets

Increase productivity. Reduce transaction costs. Strengthen portfolio oversight.

Deal Dashboard

Track the progress of all your transactions in one place

Deal Execution

Portfolio Management

Single source of truth for all your transaction data

Portfolio Management


Communicate with your deal team / advisors and stay on schedule

Deal Execution

Terms Database

Automatic system of record for your key commercial terms

Portfolio Management

Data Room

Securely share files with your counterparties

Deal Execution

Capital Structure

The unified view of your company’s debt and equity capitalization

Portfolio Management

Grid Negotiation

Create standard grid templates and manage the bid process automatically

Deal Execution

Covenant Monitoring

Stay compliant with your credit agreements

Portfolio Management

Fee Tracker

Track all your fees on transactions in one place – equity or debt financing related

Deal Execution

Lender Reporting

Automate routine reporting to
borrowers and lenders

Portfolio Management

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“Termgrid has been key in helping us streamline our transactions, enabling us to communicate swiftly and securely with our lending partners and reducing low value-add and error-prone manual tasks to the strict minimum.”

Thierry Aoun Partner and Head of Capital Markets, IK Partners

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