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Frequently Asked Questions

We have captured some of the most frequently asked questions about Termgrid here. If you are a lender or a sponsor, you can click directly to the questions most relevant to you.

How do I sign up for Termgrid? 

If you have been added to a deal on Termgrid, you will receive an email from us inviting you to create an account on the platform. The email will contain a link to set up your account. Once you have a Termgrid account, you will use the same username and password for all your deals with different parties on the platform. 

If you have any problems logging in as per the process above, please contact our support team via the form opposite or our live chat bottom right.

If you have not yet been invited to a deal but would like to learn more about the platform, please request a demo here

My deal has been completed but I want to track my portfolio companies on the platform. Is there a way to do that?  

Termgrid also offers a portfolio management tool which allows you to track company-level data and see insights across your whole portfolio as either a lender or a sponsor. Talk to our team if you are interested in finding out about how to access these insights. 

Do you have any best practice guidelines to help me? 

Termgrid’s dedicated customer success team can share best practice guidelines and video training materials for managing all of your workflows on Termgrid. Please complete the form opposite and our support team will reach out to provide 1:1 training and assistance with the product. 

How secure is my data on the Termgrid platform? 

Termgrid is SOC2 type 2 compliant and all of our data is maintained with the highest levels of security. For additional security, we support SSO configuration for all of our clients if desired. In addition, companies can also choose to enable multi-factor authentication to further secure the login process.