Streamline your transaction processes and
drive efficiency

Reduce manual, repetitive work while centralizing and digitizing your deal data

Why run your deal financing processes on Termgrid?

Less admin, more value add

Maximize your human capital – automate time-consuming process management tasks currently handled by email and spreadsheets such as lender outreach and terms feedback 

    One place for all deal data

    Termgrid is a system of action, not data entry – simply by working on the platform all transaction data is systematically digitized, automatically building your deal database 

    Collaborate to accelerate

    A slow process is an expensive one. Replace costly email back and forth with technology that aids deal participant connectivity to speed execution


    A single source of truth  

    Finding deal information scattered in shared drives, and email inboxes across hundreds of spreadsheets and documents is a nightmare.

    By running your transactions on Termgrid all deals, negotiations, terms, and relationship data are automatically captured, digitized, and cataloged for you.

    Live Deals

    Run any process end-to-end from an add-on to new platform financing.

    Offline Deals

    Upload historical deals to create a complete repository.


    Easily track & manage transactions

    No more manual Excel tracking sheets – each transaction has a dedicated deal site in Termgrid. The deal dashboard provides a holistic snapshot of your timeline, lender task progress, and all activity in the data room, communications portal, and termsheet functions.


    Map and track all important dates and key milestones associated with the transaction. Share the timeline with lenders and deal team members so they have transparency.

    Task Tracker

    See lender task progress at an institutional level to instantly know where each lender is in your process – has the NDA been signed? Has the grid been agreed?

    Use customizable tags to track where lenders are in the process – active, passed etc. so you can manage the process your way.


    Fast, transparent collaboration with deal participants

    Empower your lenders and deal team members with technology to expedite execution by keeping them on track and up to date efficiently and securely.

    Add them to the deal on Termgrid so they can view your timeline and tasks, access documents from the data room, and upload termsheets responses.


    Over 700 lenders, comprising more than 12,000 users are on Termgrid.

    Pick if you want to show them a deal. And if they’re not there add them. They’ll get an email to set up an account.


    Efficiently communicate process updates to multiple parties

    Instead of manually cutting and pasting the same deal process information into duplicative, individual emails send a broadcast message from Termgrid to alert multiple lenders, lawyers, and advisors simultaneously.

    They’ll get notified by email so they won’t miss an update and all messages are archived in Termgrid for context and compliance.

    file sharing

    Securely share without switching using a built-in, modern data room

    Securely share deal documents without switching to a separate platform. Stay in one place and consolidate to save money on an additional VDR tool.


    Files and folders can be securely permissioned at both the individual and institutional levels.


    See in real-time what has been shared with each institution and who has accessed which documents


    Streamline the NDA process with flexible click-throughs

    Save time and reduce legal costs by more efficiently managing the NDA process.

    Evergreen or bespoke per institution. Use a global NDA template applicable to all institutions or use different NDAs for different lenders, reducing negotiated NDA comments and iterations.

    Individualized NDAs

    Straight click-through to agreed house terms with each of your lenders

    Audit Logs

    Ability to see exactly when and who (at the individual and institutional level) signed the NDA and easily export these logs 


    Secure, standardized grid exchange & negotiation

    Sending termsheet versions back and forth over email is highly insecure and a version control nightmare. Email is not an encrypted technology however as a secure portal, Termgrid removes the need to use clunky file transfer sites or email.

    House Template

    Customize a short-form grid through to a long-form termsheet to build house precedent templates to reduce your process overhead wherever you are in the process

    Lender Feedback

    Lenders can work in the platform or upload their Excel or Word grid feedback into Termgrid. This means all terms feedback is automatically tracked, building a precedents database.


    Instantly view & compare grid responses

    No more manually consolidating redlines – easily identify the key issues and get insights faster.  Click-to-compare lender responses and different versions to see what’s changed. 


    Easily see if bid metrics have been accepted


    Your external counsel can easily generate a comparison of different versions asks redlined in Termgrid, select the versions to compare, and toggle on the redline function.


    Search & analyze your lender precedents

    With Termgrid your lender term sheet responses are automatically and systematically captured creating a precedents database you can query and compare.

    Uncover insights into key terms received and relevant lender precedents for more data-driven, strategic lender engagement and negotiation.

    Comparison Filters

    Filter your search by geography, EBITDA size, sector, client, structure and more. This enables you to look across a vast library of data and distill it down to find the key information you want to run a comparison on

    More Features

    Fee Tracker

    Track all your fees on transactions in one place – equity or debt financing related.


    Capture qualitative information for each deal on lender pain points and what they care about.


    Track your allocations over time, in one place.

    What do our clients think? 

    “Our process management was entirely manual before we discovered Termgrid. We would track lender interactions and due diligence processes over email, excel, and in memos. Termgrid has allowed us to more efficiently run a financing process and drive better execution.”

    Carlyn Wintner, MD & Head of Capital Markets
    Charlesbank Capital Partners

    “Termgrid primarily improves efficiency and transparency for my processes. Efficiency can be validated through time savings. The hours I would normally spend at the end of each day sorting through email folders on any given process has diminished thanks to the centralized nature of the service.”

    Matt Johnson, Director – Capital Markets
    PAI Partners

    “Termgrid allows for a much more efficient coordination process which frees up time to focus on the deal itself. It allows for easier delegation, oversight of various parties and serves as centralized repository of data from previous deals as well.”

    Akshat Khaitan, Director
    KKR Capital Markets

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