Termgrid reduces the time it takes to set up and launch a new deal.

With our end to end platform your team can take back control of your time by streamlining workflows.

We understand that your job is demanding. Your deal team may be lean and trying to complete the deal, as well as put the financing in place.

You aren’t alone. In our Private Capital Sentiment Surveyprivate capital professionals told us that deals are taking longer and key workflows – such as deal execution – are a pain point. Termgrid can help by streamlining your workflows.

Our deal calculator shows how much time you could save on communications as part of the deal process. This is based upon live deals with clients and adds to other time savings our end to end platform can offer.


Answer a few simple questions and we will show you how much time you could save as part of your deal execution process. 

Build Relationships

Rather than sending repetitive emails, wouldn’t you rather focus on building relationships with lenders and using data driven insights to improve your deals?

Tried and Tested

Termgrid’s support team has worked with dozens of clients to map out their communication processes as part of a deal, calculating how much time we can save.

Multiple Improvements

Alongside these hours, we work with clients to improve multiple processes including:

Term Sheets
Managing NDAs
Allocation and fee tracking
Deal Updates



Substantial Savings

In total this can translate into 98% efficiencies offering substantial savings in time and money to our clients. This data is based upon one project but if you would like more information about how Termgrid can make your deal team more efficient, talk to us today.



“We were amazed at just how much time Termgrid was able to save us as part of our deal execution process. Our deal team is lean and often working on multiple deals. Saving a few hours a week translated into hundreds of hours a year and over Eur300,000 in cost. We can’t imagine a way forward without Termgrid as part of our deals.”

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