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Sponsor Support
Running a deal and help?

Please contact our dedicated sponsor support team via the form opposite, live chat bottom right or by email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

I am working  on a deal which is going out to a large number of lenders. Is there a maximum number of parties that I can invite to a transaction? 

There is no maximum number of parties that you can invite to a transaction on Termgrid. Our platform has been tested with transactions involving dozens of lenders in numerous different countries. 

My next deal has multiple tranches, how do I manage the different grids online? 

Termgrid’s platform enables you to create as many term sheets as required per deal. Simply click new term sheet for each new structure you want to create. Each term sheet can be permissioned only to the lenders you wish to invite to that tranche. 

How long does it take to launch a deal on Termgrid? 

Launching a deal is extremely quick on Termgrid. Once you have your documents online, it is simply a case of adding all the relevant parties. One single alert will notify everyone that the deal is live at the same time. 

I want visibility across all of my deals, including some historical ones. How can I manage that on Termgrid? 

Termgrid allows you to upload historical deals and the relevant lender responses to ensure complete visibility across all of your deals. You do not have to alert your lenders to these deals – it is just to ensure that you have a single source of truth across all your deals. 

Is there a way to track all of my lender relationships on the platform? 

Termgrid offers a relationships module which allows you to maintain information about your lenders, key contacts and all deal-related information. Please get in touch if you would like further information about our relationship module.