Together let’s change the future of private debt capital markets

We are re-imagining private debt capital markets, for the better

We’re creating a new platform that is disrupting a $5 trillion problem that has the potential to impact the entire financial industry. Join us to change how private debt is raised, how institutional borrowers interact with their lenders, and how debt is managed.

Create the future of private debt capital markets with us.

Our tenets guide everything we do

Solve for the customer

We relentlessly focus on our user experience and innovate to build products that are “delightful” to use. We win when our customers win.

Act like an owner

We take ownership and never let “resource constraints” stand in the way of delivering results. Our sleeves are always rolled up.

Keep it simple

Always. In everything. Simplicity drives focus and speed.

Have an action bias

We have a bias to action and to ship fast recognizing the importance of careful execution. Careful does not mean slow.

Be authentic and reliable

We are genuine, transparent and communicate openly and honestly. We stick to our commitments to our colleagues and our customers.

Embrace Humility and humor

We believe humor and humility helps to establish a trusting environment, break down barriers, and build stronger relationships. Plus, it makes our work that much more enjoyable.

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“Termgrid has a team of highly knowledgeable people with real financing expertise and a genuine willingness to improve and perfect the product, along with a competent and responsive support that serves as an extension of our team.”

Thierry Aoun Partner and Head of Capital Markets, IK Partners