Lender Support
Invited to a deal and need access to the platform?

When you are added to a transaction by a sponsor on Termgrid, you’ll receive an email from us inviting you to join their Deal Team – to access Termgrid click the email link to log in or click here

Can’t log in? Please contact our dedicated lender support team via the form opposite or use our live chat function below and talk to a real person, not a bot.

Fill out the form below to request support with your access to the platform or use the live chat function below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have captured some of the most frequently asked questions by Lenders about Termgrid here.

I have been invited to multiple deals on Termgrid, how do I see key information across all of my deals?

As a lender you may only be used to seeing the deals that you are invited to by a sponsor.

Termgrid also offers a lender portal which allows you to view key terms and relationships across all of your deals with different sponsors. Please get in touch if you would like more information about our lender product. 

Can I see different versions of a term sheet in a specific deal? 

Within Termgrid you can see each and every version of the term sheet on the platform, compare your mark up to the sponsor ask. You can also use our redline and heatmap functionality to quickly identify and respond to the latest version. 

Is there a way to track all of my sponsor precedents on Termgrid? 

Termgrid’s precedent search functionality can be used to track all term sheet precedents across all transactions. Please get in touch if you would like further information about our lender product. 

Can I get training on the Termgrid platform?

We run regular webinars to train users on our platform and have lots of other resources to help. Please use the form above to join our live sessions or access a recording.